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Size Guide

We have 8 sizes available to line the majority of Gastronorm standard size pots and also soup kettles.

Full Size (1 Gastronorm)

Full Size (1 Gastronorm) Buy Now

Half (1/2 Gastronorm)

Half (1/2 Gastronorm) Buy Now

Medium (1/3 Gastronorm)

Medium (1/3 Gastronorm) Buy Now

Small (1/4 Gastronorm)

Small (1/4 Gastronorm) Buy Now

Extra Small (1/6 Gastronorm)

Extra Small (1/6 Gastronorm) Buy Now

4.5 Litre Round

4.5 Litre Round Buy Now

10 Litre Soup Kettle

10 Litre Soup Kettle Buy Now

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Easy Liners Ltd
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