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Mobile Caterers

Colleen Salmon

Colleen Salmon uses Genuine easyliners in her Mobile Catering Van, KC SNAX. Colleen is based in the quaint village of Soham and covers most of East Anglia. Colleen says. "At KC SNAX, 'Quality is our Priority.' As well as traditional English Breakfasts and Bacon Rolls, our customers can choose between three different types of Bread, Free Range Eggs, 100% Chicken Breast, Gateaux, Patisseries, Ice Cream and, old fashioned Bread Pudding. We also offer various Salads, Fresh Fruit and a tasty Vegetarian Menu." She adds. "We have a Yard of Horses, so there is plenty going on to keep us busy. easyliners save us so much time on a daily basis - just use for the day then throw them away. They are Brilliant, ideal for us, we certainly wouldn't be without them."

Bob Booth
Thai Kitchen

Bob Booth has been running the Thai Kitchen catering business for past 4 years, operating around south of England. Bob says. "On the last show we attended a fellow caterer saw us scrubbing out the pots and took us to her van she showed us her Bain Marie pots with the easyliners inside - she gave us a dozen because she felt sorry for us having to wash out the pans. I immediately searched easyliners out on the Internet and John from easyliners put us in touch with a local supplier. Not only a great product but also excellent customer service from John."

A happy Viki Sale using
easyliners in her
Mobile Catering Van
Fresh Nosh, Bicester

Viki Sale uses Genuine easyliners in her Mobile Catering Van, Fresh Nosh. Viki is based in Bicester. Viki says, "I saw the easyliners article in the Caterer's Club Magazine and I decided to give them a ring and ask for some Free samples. I spoke to John and he said to me that easyliners would make my life so much easier. When they arrived we tried them straight away and THEY'RE GREAT! In fact they're better than Great, THEY'RE TOTALLY BRILLIANT!!! My hubby and I have just started out in Business and we would like to say - Thank you John, your product has made our lives so much easier. To other Caterers we say - use easyliners, they make life EASIER!"

Ken & Jayne Sutton
The Snack Stop

Jayne and Ken Sutton use Genuine easyliners in their Mobile Catering Van, The Snack Stop, Warrington. Jayne says, "What a time saver easyliners are! No more pots soaking at the side of the sink! We simply remove the easyliner, wipe down the pot and we're ready to go again! My staff love these liners, and it makes my life easier too - no more arguing over who's going to clean the bean pot! Thanks easyliners, we wouldn't be without you."

Richard Kemp
Spuds Galore
Mobile Catering Van

Richard and Lorraine Kemp use Genuine easyliners in all of their Mobile Catering Vans, they are based in Nottingham. Richard says, "I would like to say to John from easyliners, thank you so much for introducing us to the ease of easyliners. Gone are the days of scrubbing out Stainless Steel Tins, just dispose of the used easyliner and replace with new ' Simples!" Richard adds, "If there are any Caterers out there that are not using easyliners, get in touch with John, get your free samples, and start making your life so much easier. Neither Lorraine, me or our staff would want to be without them."

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