Bain Marie / Gastronorm Pot Liners

Easy Liners Ltd are the UK’s only manufacturer and distributor of the unique and innovative easyliner, a product that as well as promising to save the busy caterer time and money, also keeps food fresh!

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Why do I need food liners?

They are perfect for anyone involved in food preparation, cooking and displaying food, hot food counters, buffet counters and canteens.

Why Use Pot Liners?

Easyliners Bain Marie and Gastronorm tray liners are food-safe polythene liners that sit inside the tray or pot. The freshly prepared food is placed into the liner which can withstand temperatures of up to 110°C.

The easyliner reduces the need for intensive cleaning to remove food leftovers, reduces food wastage, helps to keep food moist and provides a cost-effective, time-saving and hygienic tool for the catering team.


Saves Time

Cost Saving

Food Quality

Food Safety

Less Wastage

Contact Information

Easy Liners Ltd, Stewart House,
Primett Rd, Stevenage SG1 3EE
01332 412273

Company Information

Easy Liners Ltd
Registered in England & Wales
Company Number 07621046
VAT Number GB 123 0847 41

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