Case Study: Sue Gunn & Mandy Brooks

Sue Gunn & Mandy Brooks

Mandy and Nigel Brooks use Genuine easyliners in their stylish Cafe and Coffee Shop, Taste Temptations in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. Mandy says. "They're Good! They keep the food fresh, you don't get the 'dried on rings' around the side of the pots. They save so much time on the washing up and, as all of us in Business know - Time is Money." Sue concurs, "I would rather spend two minutes taking the easyliners out and giving the pots a quick rinse, rather than half an hour scraping and scrubbing." Mandy adds, "The service we got from easyliners was First Class. At first, we ordered the wrong size, but John swapped them out at no extra cost to us, the product is Good, the service is Great, life is so much easier with easyliners."

Sue Gunn & Mandy Brooks (Proprietor)
Taste Temptations Cafe & Coffee Shop